LiquidityBook Extends Platform Capability with Enhanced API Functionality

NEW YORK — March 29, 2022 — LiquidityBook, a leading provider of cloud-native buy- and sell-side trading solutions, today announced a significant expansion of its API capabilities, providing clients with a fully customizable protocol for building and connecting with the firm’s modular platform. API integration has long been available to users of LiquidityBook’s SaaS-based product offerings, but increased demand for API-centric workflows among clients and prospects prompted a significant upgrade to the user experience.

Between the cloud, low-code solutions and greater access to data, it has become easier than ever for market participants to build their own quantitative trading solutions, necessitating tools that power a variety of use cases beyond basic UI integration and trade uploads. LiquidityBook’s newly enhanced, JSON-centric, RESTful APIs can accommodate any system bandwidth and enable the integration of myriad functions across the front and middle offices, from synchronizing security master and account data to accessing fine-tuned trading capabilities like checking locates and issuing risk and compliance checks. This means clients can leverage LiquidityBook’s APIs to power their entire workflows across the trade lifecycle.

“Using OMS technology with limited integration capabilities forces buy- and sell-side firms to manage multiple independent silos, creating redundancy, cost and correctness errors,” said Shawn Samuel, Chief Technology Officer at LiquidityBook. “These challenges spurred us to enhance our API offering – a logical next step in maximizing the flexibility of our solution. Our solution enables clients to incorporate the exact capabilities they need at the right level, enabling a large and diverse range of trading workflows. For example, clients can send a basket of orders to LiquidityBook and have us handle compliance checks, allocations, locates and routing in one shot, or they can incorporate capabilities such as LiquidityBook’s positions, locates and compliance modules as native components of their trade construction workflow, leading to a seamless and more powerful trading process.”

The API enhancements also enable LiquidityBook users to send customized alerts, perform remote validations and manage more compliance and regulatory processes, among other key functions. Clients benefit from robust API documentation via Swagger and endless scalability unlocked by AWS.

“This is one area where our modular architecture really stands out,” Samuel added. “Our enhanced API means clients can not only leverage our solution in myriad ways, but also pair it with proprietary or third-party systems to extend their current capabilities in a highly targeted way. With the power to manage our platform and tools via their own internal systems, it’s no surprise that a significant number of our new clients are requesting API onboards.”

This latest enhancement to the LiquidityBook framework comes during a significant period of expansion for the firm. The firm has been active on the hiring front, with three new sell-side hires as the most recent additions.

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