Financial Trading Software for the Full Order Lifecycle and Beyond

Software Capabilities

Our multi-asset POEMS platform supports every step of the order lifecycle for hedge funds, asset managers and sell-side firms alike, and in markets around the globe.

LiquidityBook financial trading software is as robust as it is versatile.  Our modular approach enables you to select only the capabilities you need, so we can continue to see a full range of market participants while maximizing efficiency for each client. Combined with a transparent business model, instantaneous client-driven product enhancements and expert support provided by professionals who are paired with your business from the initial onboard, there’s no limit to what our platform can deliver.

Order Management

Take a modern approach to your trading. Flexible, easy-to-manage financial trading software that helps you manage positions and track transactions from start to finish.
Key Capabilities

Create multiple views of the order blotter with custom columns and real-time calculations


Leverage bespoke allocation schemes and defaults that automatically mark swap versus cash accounts


Customize hotkeys for position sizing, quick entry to a chosen algo strategy and more


Link orders and separate prints for allocation based on time priority and order size


Leverage powerful stock locate capabilities


Utilize dynamic portfolio rebalancing/modeling tools


Integrate seamlessly with prime brokerage and clearing firms


Automate critical operations via LiquidityBook’s advanced API protocols, in addition to support for FIX drop copies

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Execution Management

Don’t fall behind because your EMS can’t keep up. Our platform enables you to flexibly access hundreds of broker algo routes for executing equities, options, futures, fixed income and swaps globally.
Key Capabilities

Achieve seamless API integration with key data providers


Enter orders through a variety of means, including IM (SMS, Symphony, Microsoft Teams, email and more)


Create custom alerts to stay up to date and fuel productivity


Access expanded multi-asset class capabilities


Route to over 1,600 destinations in over 80 supported markets around the globe

Portfolio Management

Whether it’s a bird’s-eye view or a granular drill-down, gain unprecedented visibility into your portfolios. Allocate, diversify and rebalance with precision and efficiency.
Key Capabilities

Access real-time and historical P&L


Employ multi-asset and multi-prime workflows


Rebalance by any metric, including exposure, basis points and notional dollar value


Revise weights based on multiple metrics and create custom models and model groupings


Leverage an open workbench to perform functions on the fly


Perform position, trade and multi-counterparty reconciliation


Adjust to market conditions quickly via real-time exposure and concentration tracking


Calculate shadow NAV to fulfill reporting obligations

Track accruals and run cash management functions

LBX Connect Managed FIX Network and Gateway

FIX Connectivity

Protect your bottom line. We offer a robust proprietary FIX network for a flat fee and provide a full breakdown of associated costs, helping market participants of all stripes connect for less.
Key Capabilities

Connect to over 250 FIX routing destinations in over 80 markets around the globe, encompassing equities, options, futures, fixed income and swaps trading 

Leverage robust normalization logic to support different versions of FIX, different messages, split messages and more 

Gain single sign-on access to a single connection to address all your trading needs, as well as a full suite of other services 

Benefit from transparent pricing and full cost breakdowns – no markups or added transactional costs

Trade Processing & Settlement

Pre-Trade Risk Management

Halt bad trades before they happen. LiquidityBook offers robust risk management functionality for both the buy and sell sides, including the ability to set custom parameters for individual traders.

Post-Trade Processing

Don’t look back. Our platform streamlines a variety of clearing and settlement functions and enables faster reconciliation – meaning teams can focus on the next trade, not the last one. Rely on LBX Trade Match for FIX allocations, confirmations and trade affirmations, leveraging the network services you already use and eliminating trade breaks via a single solution.
Key Capabilities

Reduce and rectify errors through enhanced visibility into post-trade processes while affirming matched confirmations and rejecting mismatched confirmations on either a manual or automated basis


Seamlessly send FIX allocation instructions to broker-dealer counterparties – including multiple broker-specific allocation instructions for orders staged with more than one broker – leveraging the full power of LiquidityBook’s proprietary managed FIX network


Customize confirmation matching rules – including for trade date, side, quantity, security ID, account, settlement date and more – to achieve seamless third-party data transfer and reconciliation with all leading clearing firms, custodians, prime brokers and fund administrators


Leverage a robust trade matching engine and speak to a single counterparty if there are reconciliation issues and to allocate and affirm trades, all via FIX


Integrate with middle- and back-office functions like accounting, compliance, data warehouse, risk and 100’s of other third party applications

Compliance Reporting

Regulatory oversight doesn’t need to be a source of stress. Our platform centralizes critical reporting modules and streamlines information gathering and filing.
Key Capabilities

Customize rules based on ownership thresholds, exposure, custom calculations and more


Multiple levels of alert restrictions for both buy-side (40 Act, UCITS, etc.) and sell-side users (CAT, TRF, Rule 605/606, etc.)


Set up one- or two-person approval processes with group alerting and approvals via email, chat and GUI


Access an extensive post-trade reporting library and back-office integration- rule breaches historically, by category, level or user


Streamline operations with other key features including: options analytics; fund- and strategy-level VaR; margin exposure and monitoring; and valuation, performance, transaction and risk reports

API Integration

Our newly enhanced, RESTful APIs serve as a fully customizable protocol for building and connecting with our platform, powering workflows across the trade lifecycle.
Key Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate a full range of functions across the front and middle offices, from synchronizing security master and account data to accessing fine-tuned trading capabilities

Eliminate redundancy, cost and correctness errors that stem from managing multiple independent silos

Manage our platform and tools in your own internal system, integrating with proprietary or third-party systems at the precise levels required

Benefit from scalable AWS servers than can handle any workflow bandwidth

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