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A POEMS for Hedge Fund Startups, Global Asset Managers and Everyone in Between

Intuitive workflows, expert support and instantaneous updates based on client requests mean more time to focus on what you do best: generating alpha. Whatever your firm’s needs, we work with you to deliver a solution that seamlessly integrates the key components of the investment lifecycle and portfolio management, including connectivity to your trading counterparties. LBX Buy-Side is the industry’s leading portfolio, order and execution management system (POEMS) for hedge funds, asset managers and more, as well as a solution for regulatory compliance, FIX connectivity and a host of other mission-critical capabilities.


A huge array of the POEMS capabilities and multi-asset trading tools that hedge funds and asset managers need most – all on a single platform.


Seamless integration with all major vendors, primes, custodians and executing brokers. Employ multi-asset (including swaps) and multi-prime workflows.

Constantly Improving

Our modular multitenant platform means we can make daily product updates based on client requests with instantaneous delivery. All enhancements are delivered to the full user base.


For nearly 20 years, our trading and portfolio management solutions have empowered leading hedge funds and asset managers to take their investment and trading operations to the next level.


Cloud-based architecture means you pay for only the tools you want, not a bloated system you don’t need.  LBX’s single codebase makes upgrading hassle-free, as all components can seamlessly communicate with one another.


Support desks staffed by seasoned, onshore professionals paired with your business from Day One.


Transparent, straightforward pricing that protects both sides of the Street.


First in the cloud, best in the cloud. At the heart of our founder-led business lies a pioneering spirit that inspires us to think differently, take dynamic approaches and leave no stone unturned in delivering for clients.

Learn how First New York transformed its portfolio, order and execution management workflows with LBX Buy-Side.

The modern buy-side firm needs tools far beyond your standard POEMS for hedge funds and asset managers. With LBX Buy-Side, you can choose from a wide array of key capabilities to curate a solution that meets your exact needs – no more, no less.

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