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Software Capabilities

An enhanced, more efficient trade lifecycle
is within your reach.
Our portfolio management and accounting capabilities – part of LBX, our modular, cloud- and API-based POEMS suite, stacked with proven tools for every challenge and out-of-the-box FIX connectivity – create unity between the front and middle office and offer a wide range of avenues to maximizing portfolio performance, helping hedge funds, global asset managers and sell-side firms to stay competitive.

Move Faster. Perform Better.

Our PMS delivers everything needed to perform mission-critical tasks more rapidly and with more precision – and then keep innovating. From flexible, versatile and integrable technology to hyper-efficient securities financing, our system has been built to fuel your success.
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One Code Base. Every Use Case.

Perhaps the most impactful attribute of LBX is that it powers a massive array of front- and middle-office functions from a single point of access, unlocking tremendous benefits.
Use Case: Pre-Loading Cash Flows

If an investor makes regular allocations or informs their fund manager of a forthcoming subscription or redemption, you can record and book that information in advance within our PMS, as soon as it is received with full control over the effective date, notifications and more. Then, the cash impact is visible in start-of-day cash positions in LBX OMS when the subscription or redemption hits the account.

No more scrambling to make timely updates or manually line them up with full bookkeeping/transaction ledger data. With LBX, users can automate every step in the process while ensuring every contributing datapoint is accurate.

Advanced Shadow NAV Capabilities

Advance your business through optimized, process-driven decision-making. Through close integration with our OMS, newly enhanced bookkeeping functionality and a robust toolset for a range of trading and non-trading functions such as corporate actions, swap financing and resets, income and expense, our PMS ensures your AUM and shadow NAV reflect the true real-time value of your assets as closely as possible.

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Industry-Leading Reconciliations

The combination of LiquidityBook’s core POEMS architecture and our intuitive and powerful Reconciliation capabilities empower you to easily define (and modify) data sources and transformations, handle asynchronous and triparty reconciliations and perform point-in-time reconciliations to trace breaks to sources – and take action.

Technology, Flexibility, Support

Our PMS is more than just a PMS – it’s your ticket to an advanced technology solution and a supportive partner that is deeply committed to your success. Our modular, multitenant platform enables daily product updates based on client requests with instantaneous delivery, and our support desks are staffed by seasoned professionals who know your business inside and out.

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Our PMS is more than just a PMS – it’s your ticket to an advanced technology solution and a supportive partner that is deeply committed to your success. Fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch soon.