How LBX Portal and LBX Outsourced Trader Help CAPIS Efficiently Deliver Differentiated Products

Capital Institutional Services, Inc. (CAPIS)
Independent Agency Broker and Outsourced Trading Desk
LBX Portal, LBX Outsourced Trader

CAPIS is always looking to offer innovative means of enhancing efficiency that can evolve over time – and that means having the right technology partners in place.

CAPIS ARC – the firm’s electronic solution for post-trade allocation, reconciliation and clearing – is a prime example of this commitment. ARC was built specifically for investment managers sub-advising the managed account industry, leading to lower costs, simplified operations and easier demonstration of best execution.

CAPIS’ outsourced trading business is another example of how the firm has evolved to meet client needs. Handling a wide range of asset classes (equities, fixed income, derivatives, ETFs), CAPIS offers solutions across the trade lifecycle, from market intelligence to commission management, enabling clients to focus on their own differentiated approaches to managing assets and relationships.

Both of these solutions are powered by LiquidityBook – in this case, LBX Outsourced Trader OMS and LBX Portal. While CAPIS ARC and the outsourced trading business were launched years apart, both are examples of how LiquidityBook delivers transformative results – and today, these two solutions are more intertwined than ever before, resulting in even greater efficiency for CAPIS’ clients.

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