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The trade lifecycle is rife with complexity. Hedge funds, asset managers and sell-side firms need an OEMS provider that enables efficiency at every step. Partnering with LiquidityBook means benefitting from veteran technologists, expert client service professionals and intuitive pricing, all in service of a highly responsive platform built for nearly any capital markets workflow.

Our Story

Disruption in Our DNA

LiquidityBook was launched in 2005 by founders who sought to address a fundamental problem in the trading technology space: an industry-wide overreliance on monolithic, hard-to-use legacy systems. They had a vision for a different kind of vendor – one that could take advantage of then-revolutionary cloud technology to provide an intuitive user experience and be highly responsive to client requests – and with that, LiquidityBook was born.

Since then, we’ve been disrupting the status quo in countless ways, but the common thread is delivering for our clients. From our very first product (an IM-to-FIX tool) to the launch of our flagship LBX platform, our proprietary FIX network and our dedicated solution for outsourced trading providers, we have never shied away from taking a different approach to streamline mission-critical functions across the trade lifecycle. Along the way, we’ve disrupted the business landscape in our space, steadily winning market share from big-name competitors. The result? Hundreds of satisfied POEMS clients across the hedge fund, asset management, broker-dealer and outsourced trading spaces.

Today, we offer a full suite of multi-asset trading tools – and with daily enhancements based on customer requests and expert support professionals paired with accounts from the minute they sign, clients remain at the center of our vision. We serve clients in all regions from offices around the world, including New York, London and Sydney.

Our Awards and Shortlistings

Best Buy-Side OMS
Best Sell-Side OMS – Winner
Best Order Routing Network
Best FIX Engine Provider

Best Buy-Side EMS Provider

Best technology firm – client service
Best technology firm – Innovation
Best Front Office technology provider
Best Front Office Technology Provider
The Best Tech Team

Core Values

It All Starts With Our Values

It’s hard to act decisively if you don’t stand for something. LiquidityBook has always strived to help our clients navigate the trading landscape with greater efficiency, better relationships and more money in their pockets – and we accomplish that by abiding by a few key principles.


We want to serve as true partners to our clients, and that means we are forthright when it comes to how much our solutions cost and who foots the bill. In a world where other providers maintain opaque revenue-sharing agreements with connectivity providers and levy exorbitant fees, paid either directly or through increased execution costs, our proprietary FIX network charges a flat rate: $500 per broker per connection. If you have any questions about cost, just give us a call – we’ll be more than happy to talk through our model and help you make the best decision for your business.


We recognize that to thrive in today’s markets, participants need trading tools that both provide robust functionality and can adapt to their specific needs. Our modular approach enables us to deliver the best of both worlds. While all our clients use the same cloud-based platform, they pay for only the precise capabilities they need so we can serve a wider range of industry players while delivering a tailored experience. In addition, we frequently make incremental enhancements upon client request, which are delivered to our entire customer base. That means you benefit from not only our flexibility, but also the insights of our full client roster.


With some vendors, a completed implementation might as well be the end of the story. With us, it’s just the beginning. Our client service team includes multiple individuals who have sat in your seat, so they understand the magnitude of your requests – and that shows through in our expertise, thoroughness and response time. Whether you’re a hedge fund at launch or our largest POEMS client, designated support professionals are assigned to your business at signing and stay with you for the duration of the relationship, so you can feel secure knowing that they have an intimate knowledge of your challenges and goals. From onboarding to FIX implementation to bespoke development projects, we’re here for you.


The fact that we serve some of the industry’s largest and most sophisticated hedge funds, asset managers and sell-side firms doesn’t mean we’ve deviated from our roots as upstart players who want to change the POEMS and trading technology space for the better. Our founder-led team is comprised of individuals who share this mindset. As all sides of the Street face continued challenges – falling commissions, shrinking desks, unprecedented fragmentation and the need to prepare for the future of work – we remain committed to pursuing radical new approaches to help the industry connect and transact as efficiently as possible.

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