Best of Breed: How LiquidityBook’s Cloud-Based OMS Enables Clients to Chart Their Own Course

At LiquidityBook, we enable optimized workflows, no matter what they may look like. Our cloud-based OMS is best-of-breed, and it operates seamlessly alongside other best-of-breed tools. This is a result of our multitenant architecture, which unlocks massive flexibility and configurability. That means clients gain the ultimate freedom to pursue their ideal solution.

In addition to our flagship OMS, we offer a host of other products. These include solutions for FIX connectivity, portfolio management, pre- and post-trade and more. Many of our clients work with us for all of these needs. But we also hear from prospects that are happy with their current systems. Others have a mandate to consider a range of vendors across many categories.  

In any case, the questions they ask are the same. Can our best-of-breed OMS operate alongside their third-party tools with maximum efficiency? Even if they don’t leverage the rest of our LBX product suite? And the answer is an emphatic yes.

Our cloud-based platform means our OMS can be easily implemented and enhanced. Our entire customer base benefits, regardless of any one client’s unique specifications. Our use of adaptors means clients can select other vendors for other functions. This applies to execution management, portfolio management and accounting, market data, analytics and more, whether in-house or third-party. Our industry-leading support team is always ready to assist with integration complexities. With these cloud-enabled capabilities, our OMS is truly plug-and-play. From the start of the engagement to future evolution, we can work with anything.

This contrasts sharply with legacy infrastructure and “single-vendor solutions.” Many of our replacement customers approach us in response to outages, hidden costs or reductions in service. They want to fully outsource with a flexible solution to accommodate all their needs. Our best-of-breed approach enables this true outsourcing without sacrificing functionality in any single area. What’s more, if/when an issue occurs in any component, LiquidityBook also serves as a redundant IBOR. This ensures business continuity with industry-leading uptime, all in the cloud.
Our modular approach means users can easily navigate between the most up-to-date versions of each platform. LiquidityBook may not provide accounting services, but that doesn’t matter. Our open architecture means we are equipped to support them all the same. And the SaaS-based nature of our platform enables our clients to access their trade and position data. No installed software or burdensome firewall permissioning processes are required. You just need a browser and an internet connection. 

The value proposition to our clients is clear. They become fully empowered to pursue best-of-breed solutions, no matter where they originate. And by extension, they can create their own best-of-breed trading workflow. An ecosystem of the industry’s most advanced tools means unprecedented levels of efficiency and control. This means our clients can make trades and pursue their business goals more effectively.



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