A Case Study in Customization: Increasing Efficiency, Transparency and Speed with LBX Portal

One of our most exciting product updates this year was the launch of LBX Portal, a breakthrough SaaS-based solution that unlocks new levels of efficiency, transparency and speed for market participants. Through this new partnership model, our sell-side and outsourced trading clients can offer a wide range of out-of-the-box functionality to the buy side.

In other words, our work with sell-side firms isn’t limited to providing them with high-performance products for trade management and middle office – we also give them the ability to customize and distribute our high-performance technology to their own clients. By delivering these capabilities, sell-side firms can eliminate much of the friction that comes with managing multiple client OEMS logins or disparate workflows and manage their entire client roster through a single point of access.

Broker-dealers can leverage LBX Portal as their new front end or as middleware to consolidate client feeds into an incumbent OEMS, empowering their clients with a wide range of trade management capabilities, including flexible options for order entry, allocations, compliance and more. Firms can maintain as much access to their clients’ systems as they need.

For the sell side, this kind of redistribution eases many of the challenges that come with building these capabilities in-house, from accounting for the needs of individual clients to achieving integration and scale. Meanwhile, buy-side firms benefit from differentiated and more responsive client service, as well as the ability to easily upgrade their experience with LiquidityBook as their needs evolve.

Our client CAPIS offers a powerful example of how LBX Portal can be used to better serve the buy side. The firm’s ARC product – an electronic solution for post-trade allocation, reconciliation and clearing built specifically for investment managers sub-advising the managed account industry – was built on LiquidityBook. ARC enables advisors to execute away orders with their broker(s) of choice and automate the allocation and step-out process with each sponsor platform, leading to lower costs, simplified operations and easier demonstration of best execution.

CAPIS clients that use ARC interact directly with the platform, signing into a LiquidityBook-powered front end to select the brokers they want to execute with and upload spreadsheets of trades to be automatically processed. With preconfigured GUIs, seamless upgrade paths and a full range of APIs for custom integrations, LiquidityBook enables CAPIS to not just offer cutting-edge technology, but to do so efficiently, economically and at scale. To learn more, read our full case study with CAPIS.

“LBX Portal is a big reason for the success of our ARC utility,” said Mark Viani, Director, Institutional Sales at CAPIS and one of the architects of ARC. “It simplifies the nuts and bolts of integration, so we can onboard new clients fast. And as with all LiquidityBook products, the SaaS-based model makes it easy for us to deploy upgrades on a rolling basis, so we can focus less on delivery and more on tasks that actually add value for our clients. CAPIS ARC has been enhanced regularly since launch – and that’s a level of innovation and responsiveness that wouldn’t have been possible without LBX Portal.”

Want to learn more about how LBX Portal can help you and your clients reach the next level? Drop us a line.



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