FinanceFeeds: Liquiditybook Launches LBX Portal for Broker-Dealers and Outsourced Trading Providers

LiquidityBook has launched LBX Portal, an SaaS-based solution that brings further efficiency, transparency and speed for market participants.

LBX Portal offers clear, preconfigured solutions for different client needs and enables sell-side firms to deliver a wide range of OEMS capabilities to their clients while streamlining their own workflows.

LBX Portal is a turnkey system with market data powered by FactSet

Sell-side firms are empowered to offer their clients an institutional-grade, turnkey system that is ready to use out-of-the-box for any client, and which can scale up to run the most complex firms in the world – and anywhere in between.

Buy-side firms working with LBX Portal partners gain access to a transparent, flexible system with clear, straightforward paths to upgrade as their needs evolve.

LBX Portal features market data – real-time market data delivered by FactSet – and a full range of third-party and custom functions available via API integration.

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