LiquidityBook FIX Connectivity Clients – Q1 2023 Update

For more than a decade, LiquidityBook clients have benefitted from our proprietary managed FIX network. This model means clients can work with us to build connectivity to our system or write once to our spec and then access all brokers and destinations on the network, allowing them to focus on differentiating, alpha-generating activities rather than non-core technology work.

Today our network includes over 1,500 routing destinations across 80 markets globally. With 150 partnerships and connectivity to over 200 brokers, our diverse ecosystem demonstrates our constant engagement with the sell side and the effectiveness of our suite of cutting-edge products.

See below for a list of the brokers we added to our network in Q4 2022. Click HERE to view and download our full list of sell-side counterparties.

Puma Capital
Northland Securities Inc.
Leerink Swann Inc.

Click HERE to view our archived quarterly FIX updates.

  • Leverage robust normalization logic to support different versions of FIX, different messages, split messages and more
  • Gain single sign-on access to a single connection to address all your trading needs, as well as a full suite of other services
  • Benefit from transparent pricing and full cost breakdowns – no markups or added transactional costs

That’s not all. Working with LiquidityBook means gaining access to our expert client service organization. Should any problems arise, our team is always ready to jump in and address them, with dedicated support professionals paired with your business from the very first day of the engagement.

Through this unique and powerful combination – robust trade management technology, advanced FIX connectivity, an intuitive business model and first-class support staff who know our system inside and out – our clients can transact more efficiently and put a greater focus on innovation. Everyone wins, from the day-to-day users to the clients and investors you serve.



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