LiquidityBook and REDI Unveil Joint Offering

NEW YORK — LiquidityBook, a leading ASP-based provider of buy- and sell-side and OMS and FIX trading solutions, today announced it has entered into a joint sales and marketing partnership with REDI Global Technologies, a leading trade management platform provider. Through the arrangement, both buy- and sell-side clients will be able to leverage an advanced, integrated, cost-effective trading solution.

“Trading today requires a solution as powerful as the markets are complex,” said Michael Conti, Global Head of Sales. “From order creation straight through to allocation, your systems must provide seamless access to your brokers, vendors and custodians while at the same enabling you to manage execution, risk and your P&L in real-time. Leveraging the world-class REDIPlus EMS in conjunction with LiquidityBook’s advanced suite of tools will allow users to administer their business through a powerful, open, easy-to-manage solution for the entire trade lifecycle.”

The comprehensive LiquidityBook/REDI solution is capable of managing the entirety of the trade lifecycle. Specifically:

Order Management

  • Allocations
  • PB/Clearing Firm Integration
  • Pre-Trade Compliance
  • Position Management
  • Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Order & Ticket Staging

Portfolio Management

  • Real-Time PNL
  • Real-Time Risk
  • Reconciliation
  • Multi-Asset & Multi-Prime
  • Shadow Books and Records
  • Consolidated Reporting
  • Corporate Action Management
  • Dividend & Cash Management

Execution Management

  • Multi-Broker Network
  • Multi-Asset
  • Global
  • Customizable Alerts
  • Flexible Order Entry
  • Pairs/Spread Trading
  • Portfolio Trading
  • Single Stock Trading
  • Trade Analytics

Risk & Reporting Management

  • Options Analytics
  • Fund and Strategy-Level VaR
  • Margin Exposure/Monitoring
  • Valuation, Performance, Transaction and Risk Reports
  • Back Office Integration


About LiquidityBook

LiquidityBook is a leading ASP-based provider of buy- and sell-side trading solutions, including order management, portfolio management, trading, FIX network connectivity, compliance and pre- and post-trade processing. Founded in 2005, the LiquidityBook platform is trusted by many of the industry’s most sophisticated buy- and sell-side firms globally. For more information visit



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