LBX Trade Match and Middle Office: A FIX for Both Sides of the Street

At LiquidityBook, we focus on providing high-performance trading software for both the buy and sell sides – and our tools for post-trade processing are no exception.

With LBX Trade Match, buy-side operations professionals can leave email-based workflows behind and send allocation instructions via the FIX protocol. With FIX, each order carries the same instructions from origination to settlement. The benefits of this approach are many. Brokers can enter allocation instructions with greater efficiency, meaning their buy-side clients receive FIX confirmations with a far more rapid turnaround than would be possible with manual workflows. Meanwhile, the FIX-based confirmations that buy-side firms receive from their brokers contain significantly more data, greatly streamlining the process of sending affirmations and flagging mismatches.

LBX Trade Match is more than just a standalone solution for the post-trade space. As part of the larger LBX Buy-Side product suite, users can send allocation instructions and receive confirmations via the same platform they use for order and portfolio management. Users can view the allocation instructions for a given order and seamlessly access information on its origination and execution. It’s a level of workflow efficiency that siloed systems are unable to match.

On the other side of the Street, LBX Middle Office – our sell-side middle-office solution – is another major driver of efficiency, eliminating the discrepancies that can come with post-trade fragmentation. The workflow-agnostic LBX Middle Office acts as a global centralized middle-office system for brokers’ different OMSs, whether for different regions or different asset classes. In addition, LBX Middle Office enables sell-side users to shape block trades based on their customers’ allocation instructions. Instead of adjusting the static data or creating multiple instances of the same client for different workflows, brokers can leverage our solution to address all instructions via a single workflow and a single point of access, regardless of where they originate, whether that be email, FIX or even a specialized post-trade vendor.

Our solutions for trade matching and middle office can increase operational efficiency for any market participant – but their importance goes beyond the simple need for firms to optimize their business. With the growing likelihood of a move to T+1, buy- and sell-side firms must seek to complete as many processes on a T+0 basis as possible. Mismatches and miscommunications on items such as account names and commissions simply cannot wait – and with LiquidityBook, they don’t have to.

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