TabbFORUM: Today’s OMS and EMS: Navigating Multi-Asset Trading, Automation and AI

TabbFORUM recently sat down with Shawn Samuel, CTO, at LiquidityBook, for his insights on automation’s place in today’s OMS/EMS workflows.

The OMS and EMS have become more important as markets and trading grow more complex. And like the stock market’s direction, OMS and EMS users and providers see the world through various lenses. While some market participants prefer a comprehensive system catering end-to-end, others lean towards integrating niche, best-in-class components.

Everyone agrees that traders today face rapid change, and the OMS and EMS must be able to keep the investment, trading, risk, and compliance machine running. We interviewed several OMS and EMS providers and clients, and several distinct themes emerged. What came up most were: 1) The surge in multi-asset trading; 2) the exploding demand in fixed income, and; 3) the technology for enhanced cloud integration, augmented automation, and leveraging AI.

Read the full report HERE.



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