Playing Nice in the Sandbox: How LiquidityBook’s Clients Use Us Alongside Other Trading Tech

When we founded LiquidityBook in 2005, we took a calculated risk. “The cloud” wasn’t really a new concept then, but the idea of hosting institutional financial applications on shared infrastructure certainly was. At the same time, we recognized an overreliance on monolithic, legacy systems – complex and expensive to deploy, maintain and upgrade, but there was little in the way of choice.

These two forces inspired what our team has nurtured into a global partner to hundreds of financial institutions, thanks to our then-groundbreaking approach to building and delivering software.

The Foundations of Integration 

While “cloud” has become a buzzword and variations have emerged – public, private, hybrid – our pioneering spirit and commitment to flexibility and modularity are hallmarks of everything we do at LiquidityBook. Our range of solutions are available for use as a single, harmonious platform spanning:

  • Portfolio management
  • Reconciliation and accounting
  • Order management
  • Execution management
  • FIX connectivity
  • And more

And they can be used piecemeal, with whichever component or components are needed today, integrated with any other technologies our clients have in place or choose to add over time.

At LiquidityBook, we realize that outside of startup funds, our present and future clients likely have robust trading infrastructure already in place. These tech stacks represent significant investments over many years, and are deeply woven into these firms’ workflows and processes. Yet, in our industry, resting on one’s laurels is never an option. Whether a client is seeking out a new partner to augment the overall stack, expanding into new business lines that require differentiated tooling or faces some other burning platform, LiquidityBook’s mission is to help our clients create the trading workflows of their dreams.

Below, we highlight some of the ways current LiquidityBook clients work with us, even while working with other firms like us.

LiquidityBook technology
used alongside
other vendors
Middle Office
FIX Network

The Future of Collaborative Solutions 

The vendors who have enjoyed the most growth over the past decade, and certainly those who will succeed in the future, are those who don’t lock clients into expensive, long-term contracts with inflexible and archaic implementations, upgrades and integrations.

No, it is the vendors – truly, partners – who seek to share in their clients’ success by being there when and how they are needed. And that often means playing nice in the sandbox, turning competition into coopetition in service to the industry at large.

The “cloud” has revolutionized the way we invest in digital infrastructure. It allows for greater security, reliability and flexibility. It requires partnership, and it requires collaboration. Many of the most powerful solutions utilize multi-tenant architectures to ensure elasticity and efficiency, sharing hardware and compute power while logically partitioning instances of software. This sits at the core of leading cloud providers such as AWS*, and is the foundation of how we build and deliver software at LiquidityBook.

If you’re in the market for a new piece of trading tech, fill out the form below to get in touch today, and let’s talk about integrating and extending your existing capabilities.

*LiquidityBook is a member of the Amazon Partner Network.

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