LiquidityBook Looks Ahead: How Our New Brand Supports Our Vision for the Future of Trading Technology


When we launched LiquidityBook, we did so with one goal: disrupt the trading technology space by marrying a new technology approach with top-notch client service. Nearly two decades later, it’s safe to say that we were on to something. Today we’re displacing monolithic legacy systems at a faster pace than ever, replacing them with our cloud-native products for order, execution and portfolio management, connectivity, reporting and risk management. As we like to say, we deliver the OMS of tomorrow, today.

In that time, we’ve witnessed the buy side and sell side alike face new challenges, refining their tech stacks in preparation of a future that’s evolving more quickly than ever. All of this has led up to now – a defining moment for the industry. In what would have been unheard of only a few years ago, market participants now fully embrace the cloud, increasing demand for the myriad efficiencies SaaS platforms deliver. Configurability, easy integration, seamless enhancements – these concepts are now top-of-mind at firms large and small. Decisions on how to approach this shift are poised to shape the industry in both the short and long term.

Of course, the challenges these firms are facing are not limited to technology. Inadequate client service and unfair, opaque business models continue to be major pain points in the OMS space, preventing market participants from reaching their full potential amid these shifting conditions.

All of which has presented a natural opportunity for LiquidityBook. Our platform is and always has been extremely versatile, highly scalable and frequently enhanced based on the collective wisdom of our client base, all coupled with fair pricing and expert support. But while our ability to help solve the industry’s technology challenges is undeniable, we knew that our longtime brand hadn’t evolved at the same pace as our business, underselling the strength of our people, sophistication of our technology and the overall pioneering spirit that has propelled us all these years. Much like the firms we serve, we realized that making the most of the opportunity before us necessitated a new approach – so we acted.

Today, we are thrilled to share a fully rebranded LiquidityBook, complete with a new logo, revamped website, refreshed messaging, and a more modern overall brand, which does a far better job of illustrating who we are, what we do and how we approach it.

The new colors are intended to demonstrate our bold approach to leveraging the latest technology to help drive innovation, while the various shapes and patterns speak to the virtually infinite number of bespoke workflows we can create for clients. The interlocking nature of all the brand elements align with the key to our value proposition – a singular platform, leveraging a unified code base, that delivers a powerful and comprehensive solution, not one that’s been stitched together.

While this is a significant change, look closer and you’ll see that the reasons behind it are longstanding. We’ve always helped market participants transact more efficiently and grow their business through easily configurable tools, continuously delivered workflow enhancements, unparalleled support, and a transparent, client-centric business model. The only difference is that we now have a look that matches the pioneering, disruptive spirit that’s in our DNA.

This updated identity will support our continued growth. It has been a busy year for us – we received our first private equity investment and made several key hires, including JonesTrading alumnus Sayant Chatterjee as Chief Operating Officer, Frank Kost as Head of Sell-Side Business Development in North America and Stephanie Minister as Managing Director, Connectivity Services as we work to build out our sell-side offering in particular. As we continue to spread our message and transform the trading technology space, our hope is that our new look will make a strong first impression on stakeholders of all stripes. Then, we’ll corroborate that first impression with our vision and product suite.

We thank you for your support and interest in LiquidityBook over the years and look forward to you joining us as our journey continues. Here’s to the next chapter!



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