LiquidityBook FIX Volume Tops Two Percent of NYSE Daily Equity Volume

NEW YORK — LiquidityBook today announced announced that the average daily US equity trading volume handled by its LBX Connect FIX network reached two percent of total NYSE volume in the first quarter of 2009. The platform also reached a throughput level of over 1,000 orders per second. The milestones are a testament to LiquidityBook’s broad acceptance across the Street, as well as the continuous innovation of the platform.

Certified with all major FIX engines, exchanges, third party networks and institutional brokers globally, LBX Connect provides normalized FIX connectivity management for equities, options and futures transactions. It includes a web-based control interface for risk managers to configure real-time hard and soft limits based on notional limits, buying power, committed capital, traded value, etc. In addition, the sell-side module includes a full suite of compliance and reporting tools designed to meet nearly any regulatory mandate, including 605/606, OATS, professional trader calculations, wash trades, odd lots, short sales, corporate actions, exception reports, EOD reports and more.




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