Finance Magnates: LiquidityBook Unveils LBX PMS 2.0: An Enhanced Portfolio Management and Accounting System

LiquidityBook has officially announced the general availability of its newly enhanced Portfolio Management and Accounting System (PMS) known as LBX PMS 2.0. This release marks a milestone in the company’s ongoing efforts to provide innovative solutions to its diverse client base.

Integration of Messer Financial Software’s Capabilities

The latest version of LBX PMS introduces a range of in-demand functionalities. It includes robust accounting and reconciliation workflows integrated into both the LBX Buy-Side and LBX Sell-Side products.

Additionally, it features full Asset-Based Order and Execution Management, Assets Under Management tracking, and shadow Net Asset Value capabilities.

These enhancements elevate the LBX suite to become the definitive Portfolio, Order, and Execution Management System (POEMS) equipped with an embedded FIX network, all while maintaining LiquidityBook’s trademark modularity. Importantly, clients retain the flexibility to utilize any or all components of the platform as per their specific needs.

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